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This community is for professionals involved in marketing, recruiting, and admissions for higher education from foreign countries. This group welcomes members from research, career/technical, and online colleges & universities to share and help each other meet their recruiting goals. WHY LEARNHUB From news and admission updates to career pro...

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How to get the most from your international marketing initiatives


LearnHub presented a free online webinar in October 2008 for schools looking to stretch their international marketing and recruiting budgets. This presentation introduces web 2.0 technology and discusses how schools might use technology to more efficiently reach international students.

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Some 3 year Indian Degrees to be recognized by WES


World Education Services has made a move to begin accrediting a select number of Indian institutions for 3 year degrees. This has many implications for students and school recruiters alike for the 2009 school year. Read more here!

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International Student Recruiting Article

How to get the most from your international marketing initiatives

This is the presentation from a free webinar that LearnHub offered online on Tuesday October 14th. We have posted the presentation here to continue...

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International Student Recruiting Article

Canada's Competitive Challenge - Promotion of Education


Ask The Experts International Promotion of Education/La Promotion Internationale de L'education 2008 marks a significant evolution as Canada launch...

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International Student Recruiting Article

Recruiting and Marketing in the Web 2.0 World


Recruiting and Marketing in the Web 2.0 World/Recrutement et Marketing dans le Monde du Web 2.0 What is web 2.0 and why is it significant? This pre...

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